Quality show bred

Labrador Retrievers

since 1982




Mia head Frame2 22.07 - Flea 1 Frame2 Barley head Frame2 Spider6

Bred and owned by

Jean & Gary Johnson


Gary is approved by the Kennel Club to judge Labradors at Championship level in the UK and awards Challenge Certificates in this breed. He also judges some other Gundog breeds and the Gundog Group at Open Shows.


Gary judged Labrador dogs at Crufts 2016, an immense honour and highest accolade in anyone's judging career.


Overseas, he has judged Labradors on many occasions all round the world, and has officiated in Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA.

Japan 2003 Holland 2005 Yellow LRC 2009 3 Ridings 2006 South Africa 2005 Russia 2008

The Yellow Labrador Club 2009

My Dog CC and BIS  -  SH.CH. Naiken Way Out West JW

Three Ridings Labrador Club 2006

My Bitch CC and BIS  - SH.CH. Sandylands Wait A While

Japan - The Ikoma Labrador Club 2003


The Dutch Labrador Club 2005


The Labrador Club of South Africa 2005


Judging in Moscow 2008

Manchester 2013

Awarding the Bitch CC (and later BOB) to Centenalee Sparkling Snow and the res CC to  SH.CH. Foxrush Remember the Time JW

Labrador Kring Nederland - 2013

my Bitch CAC (l) and res Bitch CAC  (r)

bitch CAC Holland

Finnish Labrador Retriever Club - 2014

my Bitch CC (l) and the dog CC  (r)

finland 2

Australia 2014 - Queensland LRC

my dog CC and BIS

oz 2 Atlantic's Haut-Brion 13

The Labrador Club of the Potomac, USA - 2015

my Winners Bitch  (photo Heather Johnson)

Crufts 2016

The Dog Challenge - Dog CC SH.Ch. Secret Moment of Alkhamhurst, res CC Mattand Exodus JW

Crufts 2016 - Gary Crufts 2016 BOB

Crufts 2016

The BOB - SH.CH. Rocheby Sensational


National Russian Labrador Club - 2018

my Best In Show

USA San Fran 2016 winners bitch

Golden Gate LRC - San Francisco 2016

my Best In Show