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Labrador Retrievers

since 1982




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Bred and owned by

Jean & Gary Johnson

Pedigree Books

Five pedigree books showing the entire history of UK Champion Labradors, from 1904 - 2010, both from the show ring and working disciplines, have now been produced. These  pedigrees and photos are not available collectively elsewhere and are an unparalled source of information for all enthusiasts of our breed.


Post War Labrador Bench Champions (1940-1990) was complied and produced by Gary Johnson; the remaining books were compiled and produced by Gary Johnson and Dr Isabella Kraft (aus Luhlsbusch Labradors, Germany) and printed by Kirsten Lynge and Keld Jorgensen (Lochiness Labradors, Denmark) - a truly international effort !!

Our latest book, Labradors 2010 contains over 300 pedigrees and photos of the UK's Champions, plus an interview with Marion and David Hopkinson, owners of the world famous Rocheby Labradors.


Now sold out in the UK, this book is only available direct from the printers

in Denmark - contact Kirsten


Labradors 2000 has all the Labrador champions from 1991 - 1999, pedigrees and photos. Contains interviews with Didi & Bob Hepworth (Poolstead) and Sandra & John Halsted (Drakeshead)


The Early Years contains all the Bench Champions from 1904 - 1940


These books are only available from Kirsten in Denmark -  contact her at for more information

sorry - both The Workers and Post-War Labrador Bench Champions are totally sold out and none are available to purchase from us

Labradors 2010 Post War Lab Bench Chs Labradors 2000 Early Years the Workers inside book